Practical Skills Web Development Diploma Program (PSWD)

Gain real-world work experience!

This mentorship-styled program provides students with the tools necessary to ensure success in the field of Web Development. Students will upgrade their core skills learned in the Advanced WordPress & Digital Marketing Diploma program or the Drupal Open Source Development & eCommerce Diploma program while navigating their way through dealings with live clients. The program provides excellent real-world experience, training students to manage multiple projects and giving graduates quality websites with which to enhance their work portfolio.

Dream Job


  • Web Design/development is a highly employable field either full-time, part-time or contract.
  • Many jobs allow telecommuting and are very flexible in Web Design/Development, making working from home a possibility.
  • The computer skills learned will be a great assistance in any industry, across Canada and the world.
  • Employers often call Q College to recruit job-ready students.

Upon completion of this course the successful student will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Use a software development process to guide project planning & implementation
  • Collaborate with clients on an individual basis
  • Collaborate with clients as part of a development team
  • Manage client expectations & communicate developer responsibilities
  • Develop a design vision based on client goals & user expectations
  • Develop comprehensive information architecture, wireframes & sitemaps
  • Efficiently manage project scope, budget and timelines
  • Train clients on self-administration and use of their website

Course Details:

The Practical Skills Web Development (PSWD) program provides successful students with a diploma.

The course is delivered in the full time format.

Full-time course:

220 hours of instructor led group learning

Tuition & Fees:

For information on Tuition Fees, please click here

Course Requirements:

The following are admission requirements for PSWD and may not be waived by the student or the institution

  • Copy of a valid photo ID or birth certificate
  • Applicants must hold a high school diploma or be at least 19 years of age or older
  • Students under the age of 19 require their parent or guardian’s signature.
  • Successful completion of the Advanced WordPress Digital Marketing program and/or  the Drupal Open Source Development and Ecommerce program (or equivalent experience), or be proficient in design or development demonstrated with a portfolio or complete a prior learning assessment with a Q College staff member.

Course Dates

May 14 2018 to August 8 2018

September 10 2018 to December 4 2018

January 14 2019 to April 8 2019

May 13 2019 to August 7 2019

September 9 2019 to December 3, 2019

Please contact us to reserve your place.

Tel: 1-250-298-5059

Toll Free: 1-866-702-5278

[email protected]

We can schedule custom versions of these courses at anytime so if the dates don’t work, just tell us ones that do.

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