It’s free!

  1. Thousands of free themes and plugins available
  2. Fewer costs, more capital for you to run your business
  3. You’ll have to pay minimal fees for web hosting and maintaining a domain name, but WordPress as a software is free for use

It grows with your business

  1. Scalability is important for any business
  2. You can start out small with WordPress and eventually grow your website to fit your business’ needs
  3. Additional plug-ins and features are available as your business grows

It’s easy to learn and use

  1. WordPress is user-friendly
  2. Adding new pages and content is simple and intuitive
  3. Spend less time figuring out how to use the website and get your business running ASAP

No HTML editing or additional software required

  1. Everything you need to make new pages, upload images, post blogs, format text, and more is all in the WordPress system
  2. No need to use HTML editing software like Dreamweaver or Adobe Contribute
  3. Simply run WordPress and you have all the tools needed to run a business website

Decent security

  1. No platform, software, or program is completely free of vulnerabilities
  2. WordPress is relatively secure with only a handful of attacks over the years
  3. There are many plugins available that can strengthen your website’s security to make payments safe and keep your website away from hackers

Endless plugins

  1. Endless plugins mean endless possibilities!
  2. There’s a plugin for any feature you need and thousands of them are free to use
  3. Optimize your website, manage comments easily, make your website more secure, display social media feeds, or turn your website into an interactive experience all with WordPress plugins


  1. WordPress, like many other site builders, is not automatically SEO-friendly from the get-go
  2. There are plugins and features such as Yoast that can make search engines love your website
  3. WordPress’ code is easy for search engines to read and index because it’s clean and simple

It’s mobile responsive

  1. Run your business website seamlessly as WordPress can be optimized for virtually any screen
  2. Many themes automatically fit various mobile devices without you having to pay extra or code any new features
  3. The WordPress administrator also fits any screen and allows you to edit and publish content from any device


  1. WordPress started out as a blogging platform, which means it’s fully optimized for blogs
  2. Even if your business doesn’t rely fully on blogging, WordPress makes blogging an easy-to-add feature on your website
  3. Editing and posting blogs on WordPress is easy and allows you to include many forms of media like videos, GIFS, and images

Customizable designs and themes

  1. You don’t have to worry about designing your website from scratch
  2. With so many customization options, WordPress is great for beginners and business owners who want tomake their website their own easily and quickly

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