Web technology is evolving faster than people can keep up, so mastering new programming languages is important to advance your career. The demand for both fresh faces and more skilled programmers is constantly growing, so you can take advantage of the bountiful opportunities in the field. 

If you want to make it big in the industry or simply want a well-paying career, then here are top programming languages that you need to learn this year.


Python is a general-purpose and highly versatile programming language that proves useful in anything from web applications to data science. In fact, Youtube, Instagram, and Spotify are just a few of the big platforms that have used Python.

One thing that makes it great is the fact that it’s very simple and easy to use, so beginners would face fewer hurdles in learning. Aside from that, there’s a huge library and an extensive amount of resources for whatever you may need to access this language. 


Since its creation, Java has been the most used and most popular programming language. If you dream of working for large companies like Google, becoming an expert in Java is the way to go. With an average salary for a Java programmer at around $69,000 a year, it’s nothing short of a lucrative prospect! Java programmers are extremely in-demand for most companies because it’s used to create Android applications. Learning Java is free and comparably easier than C++, too.


Though a bit complex, C++ is used by all major operating systems, including Microsoft. Along with Java, it’s also the most common language used by game developers, so if you’re thinking of pursuing that path, then learning C++ is a good start. People who are well-versed in this language are also in high demand in the industry because of its reliability 


Currently, around 94% of websites use JavaScript, and it is actually already built into your browser if you want to get started. Developers with this skill are sought after because of its convenience. This language allows you to create dynamic web pages mobile apps, which is why so many job opportunities are linked with this programming capability.


Gaining increased popularity in the tech industry is Kotlin. It’s inter-operable with Java and is more concise. This language earned a good reputation for making debugging easier and requiring fewer codes. More businesses like Google are moving towards using Kotlin, and it will be essential if you want to be involved in creating Android apps.

People in this industry must always learn to adapt to changes. Though many of these programming languages can be learned on your own, having an instructor can also help speed up the process and professionalize your training. Our web development program pairs you with expert programmers to become a highly skilled, effective coder.