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Infographics and jQuery

We’ve had some fun this week with infographics and jQuery. There is always more you can do to make your marketing and design more appealing. Yesterday we explored the world [...]

Infographics and jQuery2018-01-02T19:20:12-08:00

Taking on Marketing and Analytics

The information is coming at lightning speed the last few weeks. I have learned so much, but know there is a long term commitment to keep learning. Since my last [...]

Taking on Marketing and Analytics2018-01-24T13:26:21-08:00

This Weeks Topics: More SEO, Site Security, and User Experience

Building a well functioning and well designed WordPress site involves so much more than I had ever anticipated. We are adding more knowledge to our arsenal every day, and that [...]

This Weeks Topics: More SEO, Site Security, and User Experience2018-01-24T13:26:04-08:00

The Business Behind Web Development

We have been very busy this past week and the range of topics broad. We are continuing our exploration of WordPress themes (premium themes specifically), and most of us have [...]

The Business Behind Web Development2018-01-24T13:25:47-08:00

Luke, Use the Force

I am going to digress a little today, and give thanks to all of the wonderful staff at Q College. They are such a great team. It’s really a bit [...]

Luke, Use the Force2018-01-24T13:25:29-08:00

Themes, Plug-ins, Page Builders, and SEO

OK- so most of the week we’ve been readjusting our approach to code and design with a focus on customization of themes and templates. We no longer need to build [...]

Themes, Plug-ins, Page Builders, and SEO2018-01-02T19:20:12-08:00

The World of WordPress

We are now knee-deep in the world of Wordpress. After finishing our midterm project websites that were coded from ground up with HTML and CSS, we are basking in the [...]

The World of WordPress2018-01-24T13:24:55-08:00

Week 5 – media queries and Tectoria!

Week 5 has been intense. We’ve been putting the finishing touches on our midterm projects which are now due. Making your site responsive and media queries has been a subject [...]

Week 5 – media queries and Tectoria!2018-01-02T19:20:13-08:00

First Month Gone

We have had a productive last 2 days. Each student is slowly building their site for the first project, which we will wrap up next week. My website, although only [...]

First Month Gone2018-01-02T19:20:13-08:00