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Pulling the Elements Together

Mid week 4 and we’re continuing our practice of coding a website with HTML and CSS from ground up. There is so much to learn about the languages, and we’re [...]

Pulling the Elements Together2018-01-24T13:24:27-08:00

Week 3 – Starting to Design

Just finished off week 3. We’re back into Illustrator this week, and clipping along at quite a pace. The Adobe programs are quite robust so there is a ton to [...]

Week 3 – Starting to Design2018-01-24T13:24:12-08:00

Week 2 Wrap Up

Wrapped up week 2 today with a grand summary of HTML and CSS. We now have worked with enough of a sampling to mock up a website. Amazing how it [...]

Week 2 Wrap Up2018-01-24T13:23:56-08:00


We’ve covered a lot of material in these first 2 days of week 2. Yesterday we learned about RSS (Rich Site Summary). RSS is a cool tool really. It is [...]

RSS and CSS2018-01-02T19:20:13-08:00

An Intro to HTML and CSS

Just finished week 1 of WDDM. Today was an introduction to HTML and CSS. Have to give a shout out to Jordan and Florian, our instructors, for the infinite amount [...]

An Intro to HTML and CSS2018-01-24T13:23:39-08:00

Hidden logos within logos?

The world of logos in marketing is quite fascinating. Today was all about logos - and more logos. From the brainstorming and creative process to the nitty gritty of manual [...]

Hidden logos within logos?2018-01-02T19:20:14-08:00

A Look Inside WDDM

Well into our first week in the web development and digital marketing course at Q College. Wow - all I can say is action packed and engaging! Today is day [...]

A Look Inside WDDM2018-01-24T13:22:36-08:00

The 6 Most In-Demand Tech Skills of 2016

The past year was a bit of a wild ride when it came to technology. No one will ever forget the exploding phone debacle, the emergence of the Mirai botnet, [...]

The 6 Most In-Demand Tech Skills of 20162018-01-24T13:22:18-08:00

Q College Intern Daniel Fernandes Albano de Oliveira

Today we say good-bye to Daniel Fernandes Albano de Oliveira our Intern at Q College who came to us through the Camosun College Computer Systems Technology Co-operative Education and Internship [...]

Q College Intern Daniel Fernandes Albano de Oliveira2018-01-02T19:20:14-08:00

Canada BC Job Grant

British Columbia has successfully met its application targets for the Canada-B.C. Job Grant (CJG) for the 2015/16 fiscal year. We have experienced several successful applications and confirm that the process [...]

Canada BC Job Grant2018-01-02T19:20:14-08:00