Here’s why human touch matters even in the digital age.

Digitalization is growing faster than anyone has ever anticipated, and it progressed so much that it has come to replace a number of routine jobs often done by humans. Automation has made our lives more fast-paced and convenient to a certain degree by taking over menial and repetitive jobs.

But despite life being easier, automation has its own disadvantages. For one, there is less flexibility since you’re working with a fixed set of functions and codes that need to be modified if you want something done differently. There’s also the fact that automation comes with added cost. However, a major problem with advanced technology is that it lacks the human essence.

Businesses need to consider the following He benefits of humans that cannot be replicated by technology:

Customer Service Involves People

Not even the finest artificial intelligence (AI) can match the feeling of talking to a real person. What technology lacks is the ability to answer questions outside of what is programmed in them. Customers want a service provider who listens to their support and provides answers that are specific to their concerns.

Technology Should Complement People

Humans should not have to compete with technology, rather technology should be used to empower your workers. It should be used in a way that helps them with their work and speeds up operational processes. AI and automation can take over routine tasks, so skilled professionals can focus on more creative and value-adding tasks.

Humans Can Cross Departments

One of the best things about humans is that they can connect and work with people outside of their department as they wish. A business thrives when all the teams and departments in it work harmoniously. Systems and automation, however, won’t be able to act beyond what is coded in them.

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