accounting benefits

No doubt, accountancy is a difficult course that would test not just your math skills but also your discipline and hardwork. After all that, the rewards of finishing the degree make all the trouble worth it. If you’ve ever had anyone tell you that accounting is too tough a career, just remember these perks to push yourself harder. 

Stable, high-paying job

Among all the business-related degrees, accounting is the most in-demand and one of the best paid. That’s because every company and industry are in need of an accountant whose skills and experience are vital to their operations. Once you land a good position in a stable and caring organization, you can expect to stay in that job for a considerable period of time.

The best part of being a qualified accountant is that right after graduation, you start off with a higher than average salary, or roughly $34,000 a year. This can go as high as $110,000 for CPAs. You can enjoy a sustainable salary that more than provides for you and your family.

Career growth potential

Advancement is always right around the corner, and it’s not that hard to achieve in the field of accounting. If you continue to build your competencies, then a promotion could be on the horizon. You may even see yourself becoming a partner in an audit firm! Further education like certificate courses can also help advance your career.

Challenging work

Most people think office jobs are dull and boring, but not this one. Every day and every client is always a new experience. You may start out with basic skills, but the longer you work, the more you learn and become an efficient accountant.

Chance to work abroad

A world of opportunities opens up for you once you finish your degree and earn relevant certificates. Some big firms will send their best accountants abroad to learn from their offices there. The skills and knowledge you will develop would still be applicable in foreign countries.

The ability to start your own business

Once you’ve established yourself in the industry you can become your own boss by starting your own accounting firm. Your skills in handling money and your connection with clients will definitely make your first year of business a smooth one.

Before you can enjoy all the benefits, you must first learn the basics of accounting. Get a good foundation with our accounting program.