British Columbia has successfully met its application targets for the Canada-B.C. Job Grant (CJG) for the 2015/16 fiscal year. We have experienced several successful applications and confirm that the process is fairly pain free. Unless otherwise notified, current grant applications posted prior to May 2015 are being processed.

Canada Job Grant is expected to reopen for applications in January 2016.  Program criteria, timelines and application processes for the 2016/17 fiscal year will be announced at that time.

The silver lining? If you were unable to submit your application prior to the cut off, and would like to attend one of our programs in 2016/2017, the support staff at Q College are well versed and ready to help employers and learners navigate the Canada Job Grant application process in order to access the training and skills development you need for growth in your field or department.

Once the application queue is re-opened, our team will be sure your applications are first in line.

We are focused on your success.

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