importance of chatbots

A fast-rising customer service tool, a chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the internet and mobile platforms.

It is like a subordinate that will talk with humans through text messages, as well as a virtual partner that integrates with websites, apps or instant messengers, and assists entrepreneurs to get closer to clients. This bot electronically transmits information to users.

Why do companies use chatbots? Simply because they want to automate routine tasks and concurrent handling of several requests and needs from clients. Besides, chatbots processing customer needs efficiently and effectively can help improve customer loyalty. 

The benefit

Customers are getting more and more interested in chatbots, given the wealth of potential benefits from the technology. A study presented at the 4th International Conference on Internet Science in November 2017 points out why most go for chatbot interaction. According to this research, the main factors that motivate people to use chatbot are productivity, entertainment, social and relational factors, and curiosity.

The application of chatbot solutions will expand in the near future. Current chatbot figures reveal that bots will be much more ready to counter human behavior and offer the same resources in no time. 

Top 3 trends 

Chatbots will be more human. As per Global Market Insights, the overall market size for chatbots worldwide would be over $1.3 billion by 2024. With technological progress, bots will set off more self-regulating to interpret a discussion and the purpose of the questions.

Use of  artificial intelligence (AI) in contact centers. AI chatbot movements focus on reducing price seriously when businesses enhance from sloppy IVR technology to AI. According to Chatbots Magazine, businesses can lessen customer service costs by up to 30% by applying user-friendly chatbot.

Messaging platforms as a growth factor for chatbots. 68% of customers record that messaging is the most comfortable way to stay connected with businesses. Its concept is more favored as it recommends buyers to shop online with chatbots. Messaging platforms permits businesses to refresh their approach from refining brands to bring the best customer experience.

Case study

Today, the use of Chatbots is in high demand and employed on a massive scale in structures that supply intelligence support. In most instances, these structures accelerate support by using Chatbots that can expound a user’s questions and give the correct answers, quickly and correctly.

For the educational field, Chatbots are incorporated into structures that help university students with their courses by communicating with and giving the right answers to students’ queries. 


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