In an age where hundreds – even thousands – of companies are competing for online presence and attention, graphic design has become a vital tool in distinguishing one’s brand. Graphic designers in the industry have to keep a close eye on new design trends and which style is gaining traction. Step up your creativity by taking cues from these design trends for 2020.

Fun Animation

Creatives need to convey a story in the limited amount of time that you have the viewer’s attention, and pictures still have their limitations. Dynamic and eye-catching animations will create more impact when done right. GIFs are a great way of making your creatives more interactive without being too long like videos.


A strong typography can really make a difference in the tone and delivery of your message. Graphic designers today are getting creative with the way they arrange their text, the sizes, the colors, and even the font used. Layering them over the right image can also elevate your regular creatives.

Design with a Cause

When using still images, you have to make sure that they leave an impression right away. Being apolitical is a thing of the past, and your work will be better received if they show an advocacy or support for worthy causes such as sustainability. Promoting equality and human-centered works is an upward trend that will continue well into the decade. 

Real Life Stories

Similar to the trend above, incorporating more authentic and genuine photos will attract more viewers. People today are drawn to motivational statements or excerpts from ordinary folk. It helps you connect with your audience and show that you understand their everyday struggles.


As design trends are starting to lean towards a more realistic style with bright colors, gradients are used to complement them. Designers now are finding new and creative color combinations in their creatives. It gives depth and lighting to static images. The trend today, however, uses them more subtly that sometimes you can barely make them out.


Less is more, and designs today don’t necessarily have to fill every space on your canvas. Simple but impactful imagery can be the key to your campaign. Excessive images tend to overpower and take away from the main point of your creatives, which is why graphic designers use minimalism to direct viewers to the brand’s main message.

Finding the right design for your clients can be a tricky task that takes a lot of practice, but a strong foundation in design can make it easier. Our graphic design and branding program gives you a variety of skills that teaches you the fundamentals of design and typography as well as working knowledge on a variety of design software.