The world of logos in marketing is quite fascinating. Today was all about logos – and more logos. From the brainstorming and creative process to the nitty gritty of manual design, there was much to take in. We broke Adobe Illustrator today (not literally), and in about a week we’ll put some of our new found skills to the test in designing our first logos. I have to say there is nothing like feeling that you’re learning to ride a bike without the training wheels again! We took a stab at reproducing the iconic Nike logo mark in Illustrator – easy right? Hmmm.
But, did you know that there are often hidden logos within logos? Some of the common and well-known logos that I look at all of the time contain them, and I’ve never noticed. I think my eye will now forever be searching for them. Google hidden logos and see what I’m talking about. I didn’t know that Toblerone had a bear on their mountain, or that the Fed Ex logo has a hidden arrow. What about those logos that are like optical illusions – the white space is actually a hidden form. Check out logos like the Bronx Zoo (zoos seem to like this effect).

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