WordPress has been powering millions of websites since 2003. With its user-friendly dashboard and features, it’s the perfect tool to take your online presence to a whole new level. Did you know that WordPress can do so much more than just publish blog posts? Here are some awesome things you can do with WordPress that you may not have heard of before.


Build An Online Shop

  • WooCommerce is among the leading e-commerce plugins that feature a complete set of tools to help you build and run your online business. 
  • Keep track of incoming sales, stock levels, and reviews. 
  • It also comes with a variety of payment integrations and shipping options. 

Manage Multiple Sites

  • WordPress Multisite lets you create and manage a network of WordPress sites under a single installation. 
  • With this feature, your website can be broken into different sections, each with its own distinct style. 
  • Instantly create new sites while still managing everything under a single password and username. 

Start A Forum

  • bbPress, a plugin that is developed and maintained by the creators of WordPress, lets you easily set up a discussion forum on your site in a single click. 
  • Build, manage, and grow your community all within a WordPress site. 
  • Use it to create multiple forum categories. 

Create A Social Network  

  • BuddyPress turns your site into a social network. 
  • The plugin enables you to effectively interact with your target audiences by allowing visitors of your page to sign-up, create profiles, and post messages. 
  • Choose from a wide array of themes that you can customize to fit your needs.

Ensure Top-Notch Security 


Create A Job Board  

  • WPJobBoard is a plugin that lets you post job openings on WordPress. 
  • This one-click installation lets you work with any WordPress theme and is best for recruitment agencies, web developers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. 
  • It also has an advanced search engine that narrows down a job search by location, job type, category, or date posted. 

Invoice Clients

  • SproutInvoices has features that help you ease up on and improve your invoice workflow.
  • Generate and send professionally formatted invoices to clients from your WordPress dashboard, and also track any pending invoices. 
  • Choose from fully customizable templates and a variety of payment methods.

Build A Directory Website With Maps

  • WordPress has a theme called Directory that lets you make a powerful homepage that incorporates many specific directory features on its listing pages.
  • Sabai Directory is a plugin that enables you to build community-driven local business directories.
  • It uses customizable, interactive maps that help users detect high-quality local businesses closest to them.

Create Real Estate Listings

  • WordPress has several themes that let you create a dynamic and feature-rich real estate site in minutes. 
  • Many of these themes incorporate a Google Map with objects for sale or for rent, with options to filter properties by type, price, and other categories.
  • WP-Property is a plugin that lets you create and manage highly customizable real estate, property management, and custom showcase listing.

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