Web Design college courses Victoria BC

Well into our first week in the web development and digital marketing course at Q College. Wow – all I can say is action packed and engaging! Today is day 3 and after a couple of days of learning how to really understand the “whats, hows, and whys” of design principles, and all of the related skills required that are often overlooked, we’re now hands on learning photoshop basics. Some of the topics we’ve been introduced to include: the essentials of design, the adobe suite programs and their uses and differences, rasters, file types, vectors, and the rules for producing product for different uses and platforms. Periodically sensing our trepidation, our fearless leader Greg reminds us that you can make anything you love into what you do with enough persistence and desire. His love of design is contagious. His way of making common sense analogies when presenting the material lets us all keep pace with the details. Review, review, review is the name of the game and keeps the information fresh, and any lingering doubts of understanding at bay. The class is pretty full (10 students) and we’re all from different backgrounds, so this makes for interesting perspectives and discussion. At the end of the day, I’m comforted by the assurance from our teacher that our feelings of uncertainty in our budding abilities have been shared and transformed into industry genius by many trailblazers before! Looking forward to the upcoming weeks… .