I am going to digress a little today, and give thanks to all of the wonderful staff at Q College. They are such a great team. It’s really a bit like a wee family at Q, and you feel like part of it when you are there. From administration to instructors, each person really goes out of their way to make sure students are getting the most out of their experience, and to give that extra added human touch of humor and kindness (and goodies in the lunch room too – LOL).

Today we not only had a lesson in working with WordPress to build a site, but more importantly our instructor Jordan touched on the profound yet often overlooked secret to education, and dare I say, even fulfillment. That is, one of the most influential and important undertakings in life for individuals – learning how to learn, and mastering that. My Buddhist teacher calls it mastering mastery.

I remember awhile back Jordan gave us a guide to how to ask better and smarter questions. The context of the guide is of course in relationship to tech inquiries and seeking out the expertise of “hackers”, developers and others in the know. But the principle is so far reaching – it is really about how you train your mind to observe, critically analyze and evaluate, and in general figure out how things work. It was a lesson in learning how to learn, which eventually at its apex can lead to self-mastery.

Today I revisited this important principle again when Jordan compared our own ever persistent efforts to the story of Luke Skywalker being taught by Yoda about the Force. We all laughed and it was very funny. In fact though, it is true that we are not only being taught the mechanics of coding, but also how to develop skills that allow expansion of capacity in finding ways that are more functionally superior to what was previously known. This is a true gift of teaching. As the saying goes, “Why give a man fish if you can teach him how to fish for himself?”.