Mid week 4 and we’re continuing our practice of coding a website with HTML and CSS from ground up. There is so much to learn about the languages, and we’re starting to see that research and resources are your best friends. Even the skilled web developers have to keep up with the latest code developments and trends, and it constantly changes.

We’re pulling it all together this week as we switch frequently from photoshop and illustrator to brackets (the code editor), bringing our newly rendered creative projects to life in the code. I think I've finalized the design of my logo, the wireframe is complete, and the code is just starting to come together. One of the interesting topics today was optimizing a site for different devices. We’ve stayed inspired via our instructor / life coach who frequently interjects during the teaching with reminders of the endless possibilities of working the various elements of design and technology, and that self-initiated learning is the best kind. There is room for imagination here. What can you dream of that can be brought into reality?