We’ve covered a lot of material in these first 2 days of week 2. Yesterday we learned about RSS (Rich Site Summary). RSS is a cool tool really. It is a format for delivering regularly changing web content to the user. It’s not only a good way of staying personally organized, but it makes staying current and curating content for marketing a lot less work. There are various RSS feed readers that allow you to filter and receive content directly to curated lists. We looked at Feedly and Digg in depth. It sure beats trolling social media or news sites one by one for hours, and the content can be tailored to meet your specific needs. There’s also the added benefit of anonymity due to no requirement of signing up for mailing lists to get the latest from a site.

Today we looked more in depth at CSS. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a programming language that’s responsible for the structure, layout, special effects, and anything to do with the general appearance and aesthetics of a website. Wow, it is a deep rabbit hole. I have faith though that slowly it will all come together and make sense, and that practice makes perfect! There seems to be a multitude of ways in CSS to get to one end result. The trick is figuring out the most efficient and best functioning way. To do this, you must have a vision of where you’re going before hand, some knowledge of the CSS structure, and a keen eye for detail as you fit the pieces together along the way. To be honest it’s a lot of trial and error for me at this point. Hey, that’s why we’re students, right?