The information is coming at lightning speed the last few weeks. I have learned so much, but know there is a long term commitment to keep learning. Since my last post we have wandered into some new territory. There are so many details to attend to on the back and front ends of development. For our final project, we get a taste of what it is like to manage all aspects. It gives one a sense of why there are agencies with full teams! It is a great learning experience. Most of us will go away with a sense of where our passion and strengths lie.

My concentrated efforts this last week have been focused on getting my marketing strategies in order. Good marketing integrates design, SEO, copy, and back end functionality. We’ve been introduced to some pretty slick plugins of course that help with this. Gravity forms, thrive leads and mail chimp are my friends – or at least will be when I have them fully integrated and functionally working together. It’s definitely not a task for the uninformed! Mastering how to influence the course your site’s visitors will take is an art in itself. Where in the design and layout will your calls to action best fit? Are they appealing in looks and compelling in content? Are there logical steps set up for the visitor to take to eventually reach the destination you are leading them to? And, last but not least, how are you going to track your efforts? Google analytics and a host of other tools will help you with that, but you need to know what you’re measuring and how to set up your criteria for measurement. And most obviously, how to interpret the results.