Recently, I completed the Web Development and Digital Marketing (WDDM) course at Q College with Andrew Macklin as instructor. 

Andrew is an excellent leader for the course.  It became obvious that he is both an expert designer and an expert instructor, which must be an incredibly rare combination.  He has delivered similar training courses so many times before that he could anticipate problems and questions we had before we actually had them. Andrew had a lot of respect for our individual learning processes and allowed us to succeed and fail at tasks on our own, yet he was still available for feedback.

Before this course I had tried to teach myself web development using online resources.  While I learned a lot, I didn't turn out a lot of commercially viable web properties.  The real educational value that Andrew provided me with was expert, focused feedback on my designs and code, and also a structured environment to practice my skills.  Those are not things I found online or through my social circle. 

I consider the WDDM course to be money well spent.