I have recently had the pleasure of working with Q College on the design of a website. I am a member of a non-profit organization, and we turned to Q College after deciding our previous website was no longer effective. Instructor Denis Eve facilitated the creation of our new website, but it was evident that he provided the students in the program with both his experienced guidance as well as the opportunity to learn to work independently.

I would like to provide a description of the skills I saw evident and how they translated into a website that exceeded our expectations. I will begin with the staff’s level of professionalism.  There was clarity of expectations from the beginning, and the design occurred all in a timely, organized and well- communicated manner. Representatives from my organization were included at regular intervals, and Denis and the students were always flexible to work within our schedules. It was a collaborative process, but Denis and his students put in most of the hard work. They did extensive research as to the statistics of our previous website, its content and the designs of other related websites.  This research was the foundation of the new website, and consequently our new website is effective, user friendly and is something our organization can feel proud of.

Denis taught his students the importance of design, and together they came up with a visually appealing and sensitive website. My organization’s requests were always taken seriously and were the base of the design, but Denis and the students were able to translate it beautifully into a user friendly and aesthetically appealing website. They even took it upon themselves to create some of the images used on the website. Furthermore, Denis and his students addressed the sensitive nature of the content of our website in a very respectful and thoughtful way. I am also confident that the website will be easy to maintain and add onto in the future; some initial training was provided. Though, because of the quality of our service, my organization is hoping to employ one of the students to help us with the growth and maintenance of the site.

As a result of this highly positive experience, I recommend Q College to anyone in need of a new or improved website. We are very satisfied with our new website and have no doubt it helps us to publicize our mandate and events more effectively.

Yours Sincerely,

Alexis Tate

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