Before coming to Q College Adam worked as a bartender and waiter in the hospitality industry. He was unsure of his career direction but quite certain it would not be in the hospitality industry. Like many of us, Broad used his computer for email, Facebook, surfing the web, word processing etc., and assessed his computer skills as “nothing special”. All that changed after reading Head First HTML/XHTML and CSS, a book his roommate gave him.  “By the end of the book I had the basic knowledge needed to build a simple website, it was a terrible, terrible website; however I was intrigued and eager to learn more”.

When asked why choose Q, Broad replied “I chose Q College because it offered the cutting edge training I was looking for, it gave me the skillset needed in a timeline that worked for me, the student/teacher ratio and small intimate class sizes were conducive to my learning style, and the fact that all my instructors also had their own clients confirmed for me that they were up-to-date with current technologies”.  “Not to mention the equipment and software was all new, and I could work on my own laptop if I preferred”.

The first course Broad took (Practical Skills Web Development Program) awarded him the ability to build professional-grade, static websites.  “I was able to take on my own clients and work under my rules, which is freedom.  I can choose my clients, set my prices and work when it suites me.  I wanted right out of the hospitality industry, so I headed back for the Drupal course”.

“I decided to do the course one-on-one with an instructor instead of the full time class.  One-on-one offered more flexibility in scheduling and even though it is only 100 hours as opposed to 300 hours, I knew that instructor was focused on me and my needs 100% of the time.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Drupal course going in, but it blew me away!  I set my schedule with my instructor and was able to work in a very quiet classroom one-on-one.  Any problems I ran into were addressed right away and in a way that I understood.​" 

“I honestly can’t say enough about the training I received at Q”!

Since attending Q Broad has been able to take on larger clients, build membership websites, e-Commerce websites, learning management websites, and upgrade previous client’s websites. “I’m swamped with freelance work at the moment which is a problem I like having”.  “Best of all, it got me a well-paying, full time job at Royal Roads University as a web support analyst”.  Broad works at RRU with a team of 7; building, upgrading, training and supporting 20-30 Royal Roads websites ranging from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7.  “It’s a little bit of nerd paradise”.

”I would say the 2 key things that set me apart from the other applicants for this significant position were my Drupal training and my experience dealing with clients”. 

“My expectations in the training and level of instructors were exceeded in both the first and second course I took.  The final outcome of my Q College experience was exactly what I set out to do.  I became my own boss through my freelance work, and landed a great full time job in the web industry”. 

Thanks Q!

Adam Broad