As a new non-profit organization in need of a website, we approached Q College for assistance. When we were accepted into their PSWD program I met with Denis Eve and the student who had chosen our project, Joseph Rae.

From the very first meeting I was delighted with Joseph’s enthusiasm for the project and the degree to which he had gone to make himself familiar with the issues related to our cause. At subsequent meetings Joseph always went above and beyond, bringing more to the table than I expected.  It was clear he had spent a significant amount of his own time problem solving various issues, and was a very creative thinker.

Joseph’s in-depth knowledge of the development and design process was very evident throughout the meetings, and was also very reassuring.  It was a great moment when I realized that the website was quite likely going to surpass our expectations, in terms of fundraising!

The Board of the Help the Howler Monkeys Society is grateful that Joseph will be staying onboard as our webmaster and will be there to guide the process as it grows. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of a website.

Yours truly,

Norma McAllister
Board President