In the late spring of 2013, I had the pleasure of working with a senior student from Q College on our society website. This was the student's final project for the program. With the supervision of her teacher, Denis Eve, and the support of her classmates and other instructors, this student created a powerful new website, for our non-profit. Our society had struggles for many years regarding how to best present our complicated message. We have several programs operating under different systems (i.e. an independent alternative school as well as different programs where we work in partnership with the local school district). Our programs have different clientele, and work with different community partners. As well, our vision for the future includes bringing our programs under one roof and one model. This has all led to confusion from funders and the general public, impacting our ability to garner support. We know our website is key to mitigating this confusion.

Our dated website needed to complete remake. As a small non-profit, we do not have and IT or a communications professional. As the Executive Director, I wear many hats, including overseeing communications. I am very busy, and although I know the importance of the website, I also worried about how much of my time it would take to create a new website.

Q College, Denis Eve, and the student were wonderful to work with. From the beginning, the student immersed herself in the information that was available, from our website, documentation and consultation. Before we even started, she had a clear idea of our society, programs, needs and the philosophical approach. She came up with clear ways to organize the information to make sense of the different programs and target audiences while creating a unified site. The Layout is appealing, and the graphics, which she arranged to be created, are beautiful and well thought out. This site is easy and intuitive to navigate. We have had a lot of great feedback.

The now-graduated student has been very generous in helping us to learn how to use our website to maximize our messaging and usefulness. Throughout the entire experience, I always felt that we had to the enthusiastic support from the professionals at Q College. Working with Q College was an extremely positive, helpful and valuable experience, and I am extremely grateful for our website and for the chance to work with the people at Q College.

Sincerely, Lisa Ellis
Executive Director,
Artemis Place Society