I attended Denis Eve's Practical Skills Web Development (PSWD) diploma course in the summer of 2013. My experience with Denis was informative, supportive, focused, and overall, one of the most rewarding educational experiences that I've had to date.
The PSWD curriculum that Denis has designed covers every piece of knowledge that I require to apply my web skills in a real-world production environment… and this is a monumental feat, considering the vast amount of information that must be covered and the limited time available to teach it in.
I graduated from the PSWD program with more skills and confidence than I expected to gain. Perhaps this is because of the friendly and ever-helpful demeanor…maybe it has to do with his obvious love of web development and his eager to share his knowledge with those that are striving to excel in the industry. Whatever the case may be, I have zero hesitation in recommending Denis and the PSWD program to any person seeking a well-rounded and realistic experience of producing quality websites in a real-world, team based environment.
Thank you, Denis for all the time that you spent on teaching me how to capitalize on the skills that I have and how to hone the ones that I wish to improve upon.
Joseph Rae