I really enjoyed the training and the time I spent at Q College. I was able to take all 3 courses (WDDM, DOSD, and PSWD) in succession and found them all very informative. Each course builds on one another in a step by step manner and I was able to walk away with a much higher understanding of website development and design.

I believe that understanding the basic building blocks of website development is crucial to understanding the whole picture and Q College was able to ensure that their courses were geared toward this type of learning. Start with the basics and work up from there.
After learning the basics you can go onto learning a CMS platform and other cutting edge software which will put you above the competition in knowledge and skill set.

I was also very comfortable in the fact that their classes were quite small which offered lots of time to ask questions and enabled necessary one-on-one time with each of the instructors.

Coming from a completely different working/job background I truly believe that I now have the skill set to be able to either work for a web development studio or succeed as an independent self-employed web developer. The freedom of working from home and being my own boss really appeals to me. Thanks for the leg up Q College!