Chris was a student at Q College in Victoria and he put together our Society's web site. You can find this site at

The site Chris developed was exactly what our Society was looking for. As a person unfamiliar with things such as web sites, Chris walked me through the process in a professional but not too professional way. By this I mean he understood my lack of understanding and he took the time to educate me in the basics of web design and development.

I now understand that it is not just putting in the information to the site but putting in the right information that is the key to a successful web site. Chris took the time to attend our program many times to get the feel of what we do. This time was critical in order for him to best get the "feel" of our event and to pass that feel on to those who visit the site.

It was a pleasure to work with Chris, even though he did 99% the work he made sure I was a part of all that was done. I would recommend Chris for a person, business or Society looking to develop a web site or an upgrade an existing site.

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