On behalf of the Township Community Arts Council, we thank you for your work as a student at Q College on our Society’s website.
From the beginning and throughout the life of the project, you researched with a keen eye to detail, displayed practical intelligence and problem solving skills, developed and designed effective measures and structured elements, responded quickly and effectively to all of our requests, and were truly intuitive and innovative in coming up with workable solutions. The result is a brand new website that is effective, appealing and maximizes our potential as a new organization, and is reliable and responsive to our requirements. Working with you has been a positive and valuable experience, and we welcome the opportunity to continue to partner with you on sustained collaborative work.
Your contribution makes it possible for us to engage, promote and support the arts!
Your work has been exemplary, and on behalf of the Township Community Arts Council, our members, volunteers, partners and sponsors, we extend our greatest appreciation for your efforts.
Louise Ryan – Secretary/Treasurer
Township Community Arts Council