Colors are one of the most important things in branding because it’s the first thing customers see and it instantly evokes an emotion or reaction from them. Many companies are very specific about the colors they use, right down to their hex code.

Studies say that 93 percent of consumers place great importance on visual appearance so as a designer, you have to choose the right color scheme for your employers. The colors say a lot about the image and message of a company. For instance, blue is a cool color that exudes an aura of reliability and trustworthiness, which is why many banks use it.

To help you get creative with your graphic design projects, here are the latest color trends that you can incorporate in your creatives.

Muted Colors

People cringe when they see a group of bright and bold colors because it comes off as too much. The newest trend is to balance your palette with muted or toned shades. These are colors that have a bit of grey in them to show that they have less light. New trends reveal that this color scheme has become more popular because it has a more mature and vintage feel to them. You can elevate it by adding contrast with a single bright color that stands out among the rest.


For the coming years, you will see a lot more designers exploring different hues and shades. Monochrome lets you be more creative while still maintaining harmony. It is simple yet bold. You can use this style to highlight the company’s brand color and experiment with variations in lighting and contrast.

Creative Gradients

Following the monochromatic tone, gradients are used to subtly give more depth in images. However, designers are taking it a step further with unique color combinations. You can find them used both in backgrounds and typography, usually in the presence of flat colors to keep the creatives more grounded.

Earthy Tones

Similar to the trend of muted colors, there is a rise of more organic and earthy color schemes in the design world. It creates a feeling of nostalgia and gives off a vintage and artisan vibe. Numerous brands like Nike have started using more earthy designs on their websites to attract younger audiences. This trend appears to be consistent even in interior design and the fashion world as earthy colors as the new neutral tones.

Futuristic Styles

The growing preference for ‘dark mode’ has created a new trend in glowing and futuristic styles that complement dark backgrounds. Using neon and bright colors on black backgrounds balance out the brightness of the colors and add emphasis to the images. The colors used in futuristic styles are limited but precise. You need to include just enough to make it stand out, but colors are used sparingly enough that they aren’t overbearing to look at.

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