In an age where there’s a product or service for practically anything, building a good brand is essential for businesses to stand out. Having an impressionable brand helps people remember your name and encourages customer loyalty.

Between two equally good products, sometimes it’s the brand that really gives you an edge over your competitors. Think of Apple, McDonalds, Google, AirBnB, and Nike. What do they all have in common? They are household names because of their solid branding. Here are a few tips to lay the groundwork and build your brand.

Have A Strong Name and Logo

Your logo and name are everything. They are the elements that get recognized right away when people browse through products in the store or on e-commerce sites. Treat them like your company signature: both communicate something about your brand, so they should reflect the kind of image and service you’re offering. It can be a complex process, though, and some of the things others consider unimportant are vital in this aspect, such as your brand colors and typography. 

Create an Ecosystem

It’s not about just knowing your brand but being the brand. Everything associated and affiliated with your company should reflect your brand. You don’t just think about the product itself but also the behavior of and customer service perspective of your sales representatives, the look of your physical shop, and the way you converse and engage in social media. Branding is everything involving who you are, the people you interact with, and how they all work together to produce an image of you to your target market.

Put People First

It’s not just about your customers, but also your own employees. Make your brand personal and relevant to them. Branding is about building trust and a sense of security that makes customers and internal partners realize that you care about their needs. Taking care of your employees also motivates them to promote your company even outside of work.

Give It a Personality

The main benefit of putting people behind marketing and branding is to give it life. Robotic conversations and generic captions will hurt your brand and make you appear insincere. Imagine that if your brand is a character, what kind of characteristics would they have? Are they sassy and cool or professional and reliable? This part of branding would reflect the most in your marketing campaigns and multi-platform advertisements. 

Add Value to Your Business

Your brand should reflect your value in the market. Showcase what makes your company unique. Maybe it’s quality customer service, or having the best offerings in the market, or accessibility. It’s important to establish your niche and enforce it in everything you company does.

Building your brand is a long process that requires a bit of a trial and error, but it’s something that businesses need to establish early on. It takes experience and a strong foundation to keep up with intensely competitive industries. Our graphic design and branding fundamentals program can be one step to learn everything you need to know.