Have you ever encountered a Facebook ad that showed you exactly what you wanted at the right time? You can thank digital marketers for that.

If you’re looking for a career where you can showcase your creative skills and still make good money, then this is probably the career for you. A day spent browsing social media can actually turn into a fulfilling job with a lot of benefits.

  • High Demand

We live in the age of technology, so it only makes sense that the best way to advertise is by going online. Companies all over the world are looking for digital marketers and by 2020, This demand is expected to rise at least 32 percent. The demand is also higher for countries like Canada, the United States, and Australia, which have both large populations and high internet usage.

  • Work Flexibility

Everything about digital marketing is based entirely on the internet, so you can do it anywhere and anytime. If you work remotely, you can move to your ideal location or workspace without the restrictions of an office cubicle or fixed work hours.

  • High Pay

Get paid well for a fun job! The average salary for digital marketers in Canada is around $59,000 a year, but it can actually go as high as $100,000 per year! Good performance is also rewarded generously in this line of work. Whether you’re doing it as a freelancer or as a full-time employee, you will be well-compensated in this career.

  • Career Development

The best thing about digital marketing is that it can equip you with transferable skills that you can use at any company anywhere in the world. You get more knowledge the longer you work, so there’s always an upward scale when it comes to adopting new skills.

  • Easy to Get Started

Didn’t finish your degree? No problem, because anyone with the right mindset can get into this career. You don’t necessarily need to complete a bachelor’s degree, and building your resume is as easy as taking online courses and being serious about learning the craft.

Digital marketing, however, has become more competitive, so companies are eyeing candidates with good qualifications, unique and diverse skill set, and experience. One way to make your resume stand out is by getting certification – Q College offers advanced training to jumpstart your career in this niche.