Accounting is widely known as the language of business, and it is one of the most essential skills in the corporate world. Having even just basic knowledge of tracking and managing expenses is valued by any employer.

Whether you are an office administrator or a CEO, working knowledge in accounting will grow your business and improve overall efficiency. It helps you predict future revenues and current spendings. Having this data can help business monitor as well as set their goals. 

Improper accounting can spell the downfall of a company, especially when it involves taxes. This is why learning the trade can boost your employability. To improve your accuracy and overall tracking, you also need to master software used in bookkeeping. Here are some of the best and most popular ones for 2020. 


One of the most popular and most loved software is Inuit’s Quickbooks. Many small to medium-sized companies use it because it has a wide range of functions, so you can expect to encounter this one a lot. It tracks expenses, invoices, and inventory all in one go, and for a monthly subscription fee, users can store documents in their cloud computing services.


For startups and solo businesses, Freshbooks is the way to go because of its lightweight system and responsive mobile application. It has basic billing features, but lacks features that larger organizations need.

Sage 50

Tried and tested, Sage 50 has strong reporting functions and storage systems that can help you extract files even from previous years. It is better suited for product-based businesses because of its simple invoice entry, which can also be customized for certain vendors. However, one setback to using it is that it requires a trained expert to handle its features because it can become quite complex. You can put yourself at an extreme advantage by getting trained in this software.


If your business has a limited budget, Wave is an accounting software that creates reports, sends invoices, scans receipts, and has built-in email support, all for free. It also comes with a lightweight software and a mobile app for easy access. Wave still needs a few additional features, but it is constantly being updated to incorporate new functions. 
These accounting softwares are nothing without a trained and skilled individual utilizing their functions. Only those who have strong knowledge in accounting can fully maximize the use of these systems. Luckily, learning these tools don’t require years of education, and our bootcamp accounting program provides complete skills in the shortest time possible.