Advancing technology has radically changed humans’ way of life and the way business is done around the world. One of the most used facets of technology is web technology, where the internet has become a virtual world where people can connect and communicate with each other in real time despite distance, time, and region. 

Web technology has revolutionized the way people interact with each other. It has improved the ways we communicate and receive information. With web technology we were granted easy access to information – knowledge is only one click away. Tasks that usually took hours to accomplish have become easier through the help of web technology, which allows people to multitask and still be efficient while doing several tasks. 

If we want to keep up and take full advantage of web technology, we need to be updated with the upcoming trends that come with it. Here are some trends that we should expect in the coming year: 

1. Artificial Intelligence 

There is growing support for artificial intelligence in the science and technology sector. Reservations for AI are slowly being dispelled as people continue to have a better understanding of its advantages, including in retail, trade, banking, and consumer affairs. Organizations around the world are having amazing progress in incorporating AI into their systems – and this development will not slow down anytime soon. 

2. Programming Language 

As each year passes, there seem to be huge developments in programming languages. From C, now we have Java, C#, and other coding languages. For web development, Python has become the standard programming language that has been used around for a long time. More and more languages are coming up, diversifying the ways to enrich web technology. 

3. Frameworks 

In 2020, there will also be massive development in the software frameworks that programmers currently use. There will be some tweaks in the current frameworks such as React and Vue. GatsbyJs, a newly-developed framework is also seen to be a hit in the coming years because it allows you to run a website quickly for free. 

4. E-commerce

Mobile commerce is expected to become more common in the following years. Part of its evolution is more and more companies incorporating cashless transactions in their services. Cashless payments can lower the risk of physical cash while also giving convenience and ease to customers. 

5. Single Page Applications 

Since the goal is to move toward a seamless and more efficient user experience, single-page applications will take charge in the front end and redefine websites as we know it. Single-page applications are more dynamic and flexible. They also make it easier to develop realistic and user-friendly pages that can revolutionize online shopping, entertainment, and gaming, just to name a few. 

These are just some of the leading trends this coming 2020. With these developments, ignoring the evolving world can be a hindrance to success. If you want to know and learn more, explore the benefits of taking Q College’s web technology courses in a modern Canadian campus at the heart of quality learning and opportunities.