Wrapped up week 2 today with a grand summary of HTML and CSS. We now have worked with enough of a sampling to mock up a website. Amazing how it all starts to make a little more sense as you get increasingly used to the patterns and language of the code. Still needing the guidance of our teachers, but satisfying to actually see some results on the screen that are starting to look good. It’s also helpful to use the skeleton of previously written HTML and CSS documents to create a new project.
We’re learning about a number of good online resources along the way. My bookmarks are growing. There is a resource (or more) for just about everything you need to know. Some of the most helpful tools we have used this week include free fonts for importation, CSS and HTML online practice simulators, the inspect function on web pages for previewing changes to code, png image “shrinkers”, and color pickers. Looking forward to Monday, and the completion of our mockup website.