Just finished off week 3. We’re back into Illustrator this week, and clipping along at quite a pace. The Adobe programs are quite robust so there is a ton to take in, and since there are numerous ways to execute just about every functionality, I don’t think the learning will stop for a long time! We’ve started thinking about our midterm projects and getting the bones together. The project consists of putting together an 8-page website using basic HTML, CSS, and design concepts, and showing a wireframe for the site. A wireframe is essentially a skeleton, or a plan, of what the final website will look like. The website must demonstrate a simple, attractive and functional layout, with a self-designed logo.

We have spent much of the last 2 days talking about design considerations. There were some pretty creative ideas being tossed around about corporate names and logos. One of the exercises after choosing our corporate name was to list as many keywords as possible that described or were related to our business. This was the launching pad for branding. By the end of today, we had all started the initial stages of branding our businesses, and many were designing logos in Illustrator. It’s been quite a week – intense, but fun too!