Week 5 has been intense. We’ve been putting the finishing touches on our midterm projects which are now due. Making your site responsive and media queries has been a subject of focus this week. Just when you think you’ve got it finished and it’s looking good…. time to tweak the code again. The more you learn, the more there is to add, play with or fix.

We had a nice surprise today and did an impromptu field trip to “Tectoria” – Victoria’s tech tradeshow. It’s so interesting and somewhat surprising to see the variety of applications and job opportunities in the tech industry. We visited a number of vendors who were either displaying and advertising their services, and/or recruiting employees – always good to talk to people face to face and make contacts. The services represented ranged from health-oriented programs integrating some sort of tech interface to game and app design, with a multitude in between. Not only is the existing job market vast, but there is inspiration to create your own niche. What are you passionate about, and can you map it out?

We’re rounding a corner now and will be getting ready to add some new knowledge and skills to what we’ve have learned and practiced over the last month as we move into WordPress next week.