With the boom of the internet, it’s no surprise that more businesses are bringing their sales and marketing plans online. Digital marketing has become the go-to strategy of companies of varying sizes and types because of its wide scope and targeted results. This trend would continue well into the future so if you’re unsure of what path to follow in your studies, consider a diploma or degree in this field.

In-Demand Career

This 2020, the demand for digital marketing jobs are expected to rise by 32 percent. Everyone from multinationals to micro enterprises are using Facebook ads, e-commerce websites, and similar tools to reach their target market and establish brand recognition and loyalty. It also covers a variety of industries like tourism, food, medicine, and general retail. 

High Salary

Entry-level digital marketing careers start at around $33,000 a year, and the more experienced ones can earn up to $110,000 a year. While it’s fast becoming a popular career path, the supply may still not be enough to meet the demand, so companies are willing to invest in those with considerable skills and experience.

Online Marketplace

All your main customers and clients can be found online. Facebook ads, videos, and emails have replaced paper and print ads. You can better reach your audiences through digital marketing while also saving up on resources. It’s also a great way to reach overseas market opportunities!

Flexible Career

What makes this job so appealing is that you can do it from home or practically anywhere in the world where there’s quality internet connectivity. Remote work is also becoming popular so if desk jobs aren’t for you, then the option of working anywhere else is available to you. 

Social Media Growth

There are 2.8 billion people active in social media today, and businesses want to take advantage of this steady growth. People spend a lot of their time browsing social media – with the right schedule, you can time it during the hours where your target market is most active and engaged.

No Degree Necessary

Your digital marketing education doesn’t have to be a full four-year bachelor’s degree. A simple diploma or certificate is enough to jumpstart your career or lead you to meaningful pathway programs later on. You can even teach yourself or get your qualifications online for free, too.

Creativity and Innovation

Conceptualizing videos, writing content, and designing creatives require a ton of creative ideas. The more unconventional and unique your marketing campaigns are, the more effective they’ll be. The digital community is always changing, so you can’t keep recycling the same methods and content. Keeping an eye on what’s trending and adapting to it can be the key to your success.

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