Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain standards of academic excellence essential to our students’ future success and to provide the appropriate programs, services and technology to ensure that any student admitted has the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to achieve the highest standard.

Q College will continue to develop innovative and flexible educational approaches to serve the needs of our students. Q College encourages and supports creativity and innovation in the development of initiatives that address opportunities for constructive change. Q College provides relevant, current and innovative programs and services and responds to changes in business and the needs of our learners.


The first ever website was built in 1991 and it was the World Wide web, the internet was a lovely dial up feature then. In 1997, our founder wanted to change how websites were originally done and opened the Victoria School of Business Technology. In 2008, we rebranded as Q College in the same plaza in Gateway Village, where we started on Vancouver Island. In 2012, we officially became PCTIA-accredited college which is now Designated under the PTIB.

Q College has since then expanded our programs and courses based on the industry in today’s market. We still have our web, digital marketing and graphic design bootcamps, however, now we have so much more to offer our students.

Our Programs

We offer boot camps, short-term specialty courses, certificate and diploma programs. Our training builds skills, preparing our students for fulfilling careers and offering them pathway opportunities to further their education.


By perfectly combining convenience and quality education, many of our programs can be delivered full-time or part-time, one-on-one or group training that can be taken at, during the listed Campus hours at any of our branches. Our unique and effective approach to learning testifies just how much we care for our students’ success.

Our Instructional Staff

Our instructors are amongst the best in their fields, equipped with the right blend of education and teaching experience. By favoring a hands-on learning approach in small-size classes, they can recognize the unique needs of students and tailor our courses and programs according to each student’s individual strengths and goals. This contributes immensely to student success.