Enjoy a good quality of life in one of the safest and most livable countries on the planet and gain the opportunity to obtain quality and innovative education offered at Q College. Take advantage of our welcoming and inclusive campus environment located in the cities of Vancouver and Victoria. 

Student Advising

If you are interested in studying at Q College but not sure where to start, book a time with your desired campus to discuss your educational goals. Do not worry about the cost either as this is a free service we are offering at Q College. During this meeting, we will look at the industry you are interested in and begin planning your educational journey.


Both campuses of Q College are strategically located close to public libraries. Students of Q College Vancouver campus have easy access to the Vancouver Public Library while those enrolled in Victoria campus are near to the Greater Victoria Public Library – Emily Carr branch.

Student Lab

One of the added advantages of being a student at Q College is having access to a dedicated Student Lab, where you can enjoy high-speed internet access in a convenient setting.

Campus Locations

Check out this list of facilities and food places in each area:

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Find out how you can enroll at Q College. Whether you are a domestic or an international student, learn about our application process and the requirements needed to gain admission into the institution.

Q College gives domestic students the opportunity to take advantage of premium education while enjoying campus life in the vibrant cities of Victoria and Vancouver. Its focus on skill-building prepares students for success in their desired careers.

Each year, over 100,000 students from around the world choose to study in Canada. Foreign students bring a rich culture to our schools and their knowledge and skills are an asset to our classrooms.

Q College would like to welcome you to an innovative and ever-evolving way to learn. Our staff and instructors are up-to-date with the latest ideas and use the latest programs and technologies to enhance your learning experience.

Our room rentals in Victoria, BC include large classrooms that come equipped with Macs, PCs, whiteboards and screen projectors.

Stay informed of career opportunities and events. Q College provides this database to give its students and alumni easy access to job information and openings within the area.

We regularly update our courses to stay in step with software and internet technologies and trends.
One of the perks of studying at Q College is upgrading and/or refreshing your skills.

We regularly update our boot camp programs to stay in step with software and internet technologies and trends.