Auditing Options

We regularly update our boot camp programs to stay in step with software and internet technologies and trends. One of the perks of studying at Q College as students in our Boot camp certificate or diploma programs students are offered the auditing option at their previously enrolled campus. Please ensure to fully review your options below.

Free Auditing for Portions of Boot Camp Programs

Eligibility: Past students of our Boot camp certificate or diploma programs who have completed the same program within 12 months.

Non-Interactive Auditing of Full-Time Course

This option allows past students to audit any portion of the full-time courses for Free. Students must adhere to the following conditions for this service.


Seats are subject to availability and students must contact administration before coming to their desired campus
Students that audit a portion of the course are asked to not interrupt the class, or ask any questions. Please note that no work will be marked by a Q College staff member or by the instructor.
Students may audit any portion of the 12-week course but are not allowed to audit the full course

Additional Options

Students of our Boot Camps certificate or diploma courses can re-enroll in our courses at a discounted rate if they feel they desire to.

Option 1: No-Interactive Review of Full-Time Course

Option 2: Interactive Skills Upgrading of Course

Please contact the administration at your desired campus to discuss this in further detail. Q College has campuses in Victoria B.C and Vancouver.