We Provide Top-Notch Facilities for Teaching and Learning

We are highly engaged with Victoria’s business community, and we value developing meaningful relationships with passionate organizations, especially in the technology and education sector.

Victoria’s collaborative business community ensures that valuable ideas have the resources, support, and guidance to succeed. We uphold this commitment by acting as an incubator for several small local startups that use our space and expertise to make their innovative ideas come to fruition.

At Q College Victoria we offer:

Here’s a list of our computer labs. The bigger ones come with a projector.

Classroom A: 16 workstations
Classroom B: 12 workstations

Classroom C: 3 workstations
Classroom D: 3 workstations

Classroom E: 12 workstations
Classroom F: 7 workstations

Classroom G: 7 workstations
Classroom H: 3 workstations

We have the facilities that can make your teaching and learning experience fun and effective for all. Contact us for your rental quote.