Human Resource Management

Program duration: 48 hours


Program type: Short Course

This course introduces to the need for a professional human resource management approach including effective policy and procedures for job design and analysis, recruitment and selection, compensation, employee development and retention, workplace health, safety and human rights as well as employee/labour relations. Theory will be supported by discussions related to current Canadian practice and issues and learnings will be supported through practical assignments.


Course Prerequisites:



Delivery Methods:

Online| On-campus| Combined





Student Progress:

Student will be assessed by daily attendance, assignments, and completion of in class activities.

Learning objectives

Achieve a minimum overall score of 50%

Completion Requirements

To successfully complete this course, students must:



The strategic role and growing professionalism of human resource management.

The changing legal emphasis: Compliance with legislation and impact on Canadian workplaces.

Designing and analyzing jobs including collecting job analysis information,verifying information, and writing job descriptions.

Human resource forecasting and planning, recruitment and selectionpractice.


Human resource forecasting and planning, recruitment and selection practice.

Recruitment, interviewing and selection practices

The learning organization, orientation, training and career development.


The learning organization, orientation, training and career development.

Performance management: Defining employee expectations, coaching and motivating, appraisal and discussions, and rewards/consequences.

Money and motivation: Determining pay rates, understanding pay equity, developing effective incentive plans and other employee benefits andservices.

Occupational health and safety in the workplace: accident awareness, legislation and employee wellness programs.

Employee engagement, communication and turnover management.

Labour relations: Workforce diversity, labour relation process, impact of unions.

Managing human resources in a global business (diversity, intercountry relations, managing global workers).


Final Exam and wrap up.

Tuition and fees

CAD $900.00

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