Organizational Behaviour

Program duration:  48 hours


Program type: Short Course

This course studies the management of human behavior in organizations and the effects of individual and group behaviour within an organization on organizational processes and outcomes. The course also examines the organization as an actor and studies how an organization may behave in different types of environments. This course creates an environment where students can assess their response to situations. The course has four topic areas including: understanding individuals in the workplace, communication decisions, designing and changing organizations, and leading others.


Course Prerequisites:



Delivery Methods:

Online| On-campus| Combined


Student Progress:

Student will be assessed by daily attendance, assignments, and completion of in class activities.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course the successful student will have demonstrate Craft persistent models with Active Record

Completion Requirements

To successfully complete this course, students must:



  • What is Organizational Behaviour?
  • Perceptions, Personality and Emotions
  • Continuation:

    Perceptions, Personality and Emotions
  • Values, Attitudes and their Effects in the Workplace

  • Continuation:

    Values, Attitudes and their Effects in the Workplace

  • Motivating Self and Others

  • Working in Teams

  • Communication, Conflict and Negotiation

  • Continuation:

    Communication, Conflict and Negotiation

  • Power and Politics

    OB on the Edge: The Toxic Workplace

  • Leadership

  • Continuation:


  • Decision Marketing, Creativity and Ethics

  • Organisational culture and Change

  • Review

  • Final Exam and wrap up.

Tuition and fees

CAD $900.00

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