3 Advantages of a Digital Marketing Certificate

Key Takeaways

  • Digital Marketing is a results driven practice. Once must create strategies to achieve results. 
  • The digitization of services will guarantee that digital marketing professionals will always be in demand.
  • One can upskill and be a digital marketer in just 3 months. It is one of the fastest one can invest time in.

Digital marketing is one of the most in demand and highest paying jobs in Canada. The advent of the pandemic has pushed businesses to migrate to e-commerce platforms. Employing digital marketing professionals to manage their online business and manage their client management system has become on trend these days.

To keep the business going, small businesses in Canada have ventured to online selling during the pandemic. E-commerce has been helpful in delivering products and services to people. Studying for an online marketing or digital marketing certificate will make anyone suitable for employment in this highly competitive and digitized world. 

What is digital marketing or online marketing anyway? We may assume that it is about writing catchy product descriptions but it is more than that. Sure, a digital marketer can have good copywriting skills but that is not the main role of a digital marketer. 

A digital or online marketer must be able to create strategies that will help businesses to standout from the rest. Aside from having good communications skills, a great digital marketer must be knowledgeable in maintaining client management systems (CMS) such as WordPress. 

Digital marketing skills also involve adeptness in HTML5 and CSS3 website creation and maintenance. The ability to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create good visuals is also an advantage to have. Digital marketing is enmeshed with web technology too.

Here are 3 advantages of earning a digital marketing or online marketing certificate.

One of the most in demand professions

Digital Marketing Managers are one of the most in demand professions for 2022. Digital marketers give online businesses an edge. According to Canada Post, the spending average of online Canadian customers grew by 14% in 2021 vs. 2019 online purchases. 

Canadian online shoppers’ reliance on e-commerce platforms shows no signs of slowing down. The pandemic may have triggered the growth in online purchases but the convenience brought by online shopping is here to stay. Based on the same Canada Post report, Canadian online shoppers are expected to continue making online purchases. 

Investing in a digital marketing or online marketing certificate will help support the growing demand in the e-commerce industry.

One of the most highest paid professions

Aside from being in demand, a career in digital marketing or online marketing is profitable. The average annual basic salary for digital marketers in Canada is $48,684 CAD while the annual basic salary for digital marketers in Vancouver is $52,659 CAD.

Years of experience and skill set are prime factors that employers consider during hiring. Given that this is an in demand industry, expect to have some competition. Upskill to have a competitive advantage. 

Aside from knowing how to execute search engine optimization (SEO) and multi-channel digital marketing strategies, you can go a notch higher by studying Drupal Open Source Development and E-Commerce and Advanced WordPress Digital Marketing programs

You can be a good digital marketer in just 3 months

Digital marketing is one of the most in demand and highest paid professions now and there are many institutions that offer a certificate for it. Digital Marketing Course Online Canada can last from 3 to 6 months. You can try to enroll in boot camp programs for optimized learning

A Web Tech and Digital Marketing certificate program can help one become a well-rounded digital marketer. 


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