What Will You Learn in a Web Tech and Digital Marketing (WTDM) Bootcamp Program?


Key Takeaways

  • Canadian Information and Communications Technology has an estimated 4% growth rate.
  • A  Web Tech and Digital Marketing (WTDM) Bootcamp Program teaches many skills required in various in-demand jobs.
  • Digital marketing encompasses many specific skills related to online advertising, 

Canada’s technology sector has found a silver lining in the post-pandemic era. As more organizations rely on tech, experts estimate a 4% growth rate in the Canadian Information and Communications Technology sector.

A Web Tech and Digital Marketing (WTDM) Bootcamp program might be your key to accessing this growing industry. After all, the International Trade Administration reported that there are over 43,200 companies in Canada’s ICT sector.

With solid career prospects, catching up with modern skills is important for all professionals. Read on to find out what specific areas of knowledge you will learn in this WTDM Bootcamp.

Web Design

Web design is an excellent practice of one’s creative and critical thinking skills. More importantly, it’s a type of profession that’s versatile in nature, thanks to the world’s growing dependence on the internet.

In this Bootcamp, you’ll have the opportunity to learn Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. These two software are widely used in the design industry and are frequently used to design website mock-ups and other visual elements.

Adding this ability to your skill set gives you an edge to tap into various tech careers across the world. Plus, it’s a type of skill that encourages continuous learning as web design standards will continue to change in the coming years. 


Software development is the fifth most represented developer talent globally, according to Invest in Canada. Additionally, the talent pool in Canada is relatively significant, accounting for  3.61% of developers in 2021.

Coding is an essential portion of software development, mainly because it covers various programming languages needed to produce software. Although at its very core, the goal is simply to make websites and designs user-friendly and responsive.

In a WTDM Bootcamp, you’ll concentrate mostly on HTML5 and CSS3. These are some of the most common markup languages used, so learning them truly makes your coding skills more versatile. 

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t new. In fact, there are already a slew of digital marketing courses you can find online. But in this generation, the need for robust digital marketing skills is more evident and more required in the workforce.

Digital marketing programs are designed to teach students the specifics of online advertising. This includes search engine optimization (SEO), social media channels, and other related online advertising tools. 

Content Management Systems

In website development, it’s not only essential to make websites look good. What matters most is that it functions accordingly to meet the needs of web visitors.

This is where content management systems (CMS) come into play. CMS allows users to create, publish, edit, and store digital content. Benefits of using CMS include ease of use, easy to search for information, easy to manage content, and instant content. In this Bootcamp, you’ll focus on WordPress to create and customize website functionalities using various available tools and resources.

It only takes 330 hours to earn a Web Tech and Digital Marketing (WTDM) Certificate. Reach out to us so you can get more information about this fun Bootcamp program! 


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What Will You Learn in a Web Tech and Digital Marketing (WTDM) Bootcamp Program?


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