Top 4 Career Options in Business Administration, Web and Digital Marketing


Key Takeaways

  • Junior job roles in web development and business can be a stepping stone to higher-paying careers in Canada.
  • It’s possible to do freelance or be self-employed with a business administration, web and digital marketing strategy diploma.
  • Business and web skills are both essential in these careers.

Pursuing a diploma in business administration, web and digital marketing? Discover what your career options are!

Jr. WordPress Web Developer

A junior WordPress Web Developer assists in the development and design of websites, usually under the supervision of a senior developer. In this case, it’s important to be well-versed with WordPress tools and other related elements.

While they don’t assume a major role, their job is essential in testing, designing, and coding new websites. Excellent website design skills and excellent understanding of website aesthetics are quite necessary, as well as solid attention to detail while working in a high-pressure environment.

A junior career can be a stepping stone into general web development. In British Columbia, web development jobs have a forecasted average employment growth rate of 4.2% from 2021 to 2026. 

WorkBC also reports an annual provincial median salary of $67,177 for web developers in the region. Taking on a career as a Jr. WordPress Web Developer might be the right avenue to venture into full-on web development.

Jr. WordPress Web Developer (Self-Employed)

If corporate employment isn’t your career goal, you can also become a Jr. WordPress Web Developer on your own terms. You can make a living as a self-employed professional and own both your own time and resources.

The role is fairly similar to a typical Jr. WordPress Web Developer job. The only difference is that you connect with your own clients and senior supervision isn’t always necessary. Overall, it’s a good career to pursue if you want flexibility.

It’s possible to also earn between $16.73 to $48.08 per hour as WorkBC reports for general web developers. The more experience you have, the more you can charge for your services, although you generally can’t ask higher than senior developers.

You can offer your services online on various professional networking platforms. But first and foremost, it’s necessary to create a portfolio so clients can have an idea about your knowledge and skills .

Jr. Freelance Coordinator

Business administration is a pretty diverse field, making job prospects wide and flexible. For instance, you can pursue work as a Jr. Freelance Coordinator and be involved in a wide range of projects.

Freelance coordinators essentially ensure that projects run smoothly: from the management of resources to the direction of staff. They also maintain relationships among vendors that are involved in projects. 

Jr. Specialist (Any Sub-Division)

Like business, web development offers numerous careers as well. In fact, professionals can assume junior specialist roles in any sub-division of web development. 

One example is a Jr. Web Development Specialist. This job is concerned with the creation and design of websites. Like previous careers, senior supervision is also an essential ingredient in this profession.

The 2021 Job Bank Wage Report states that web development jobs in British Columbia typically start at $16.73 per hour. The potential earnings depend on a professional’s experience, as well as the size of the company and location.

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Top 4 Career Options in Business Administration, Web and Digital Marketing

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