Top 4 Careers in Digital Marketing


Key Takeaways

  • Canada is one of the world’s largest advertising markets, with advertisers spending billions on digital ad campaigns.
  • Digital marketing careers pay well on an annual scale in Canada.
  • Some great careers include content managers, SEO specialists, social media specialists, and copywriters.

Did you know that Canada is one of the world’s largest advertising markets? In fact, in 2020, advertisers spent $8.45 billion (CAD) on digital ad campaigns. Statista estimated that the media advertising revenue in Canada is around $10.15 billion (CAD).

By 2024, digital ad expenditure in the country is expected to hit more than $12 billion (CAD). This is proof that the digital marketing industry is thriving. And this, of course, also translates to great job potential.

Here are the top four careers in digital marketing with high-earning  potential.

Content Manager

Content managers juggle various roles within an organization. Their responsibilities include a wide range of online marketing, social media activities, and content production as well as organizing and managing content effectively. On top of it all, they also oversee teams to ensure deadlines are met per project.

According to Glassdoor, a content manager in Canada can earn up to $61,417 per year. Starting roles can offer an annual wage of $42,000 while more experienced professionals can expect up to $90,000 annually.

Apart from the excellent salary, content managers can thrive in their roles through skills development. Not only do they get to channel their creativity. Their organization and decision-making skills will also be tested.

SEO Specialist

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist is a valuable asset to every company. This is because their skills are essential to meeting the growing demands of Google’s algorithm. Moreover, they must always be up-to-date with new trends on the search engine.

SEO specialists can work in any type of business. They’re quite popular among e-commerce sites and they can also find work in full-service advertising firms. In general, if a company has an online-based service, then there’s an opportunity for an SEO Specialist.

Indeed reports that SEO specialists in Canada can earn an average of $60,426 per year. The highest paying cities include Toronto, Burlington, Ottawa, and Calgary. 

Social Media Specialist 

Businesses without social media presence are missing out on a broader market. This is why digital marketing courses are important for career advancement. Their knowledge and skills are essential to helping firms beat the competition on an online platform.

A social media specialist basically handles various social accounts. They schedule posts strategically based on when they’re most likely to get bigger attention. Of course, they also ensure the quality of the content they put out to their followers. reports that a social media specialist in Canada can earn an average of $51,000 per year. But with more experience, professionals can score up to $72,000 in annual wages.


A copywriter’s major duty is to create content that covers a wide array of marketing materials. These materials include social media posts, emails, blogs, and other related content published on the web.

Copywriters in Canada earn an average of $52,601 per year, according to Indeed. Toronto is the highest-paying  city for this job followed by Burnaby, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, and Edmonton.

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