5 Reasons to Take Up a Full Stack Web Developer Program in Canada

Key Takeaways
  • Web Developer is an in-demand job in Canada, according to the Canadian Occupational Projections System – ESDC
  • Full Stack Web Developer career gives one an opportunity to be part of the rising digital economy.
  • Full Stack Web Developers are proficient in both web development and visual design and this skill set commands a high pay compared with web developers and web visual designers.

Help the Rising Digital Economy

Learning web development is good for you and the economy. According to the former Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Navdeep Bains: 

“Today, the digital economy is the economy. There is not a single industry that digital technologies don’t touch anymore. Digital technologies underpin every sector, from fishing and farming to mining and health. That means the number of jobs requiring people with digital skills will continue to grow.”

By improving one’s digital literacy, an individual can adjust in interacting with today’s digital world. By having digital skill sets, one can meet the technical requirements for employment.

Here are 5 reasons why you should learn full stack web development:

Challenge Your Skills

Web development and web design may often be used interchangeably but there is a difference between them. 

Web development can refer to both the coding and visual aspect of the website but often web development is focused on backend or coding requirements of the website – coding language used and the server to be used such as Apache HTTP.

Front-end or web designers, on the other hand, are focused on the visual aspect or user experience /UI and usability or user experience/UX of the website. Front-end web designers are adept in programs such as Adobe Indesign and Illustrator. 

Most web development professionals focus on just back-end or front-end but one can go a notch higher by being a full stack web developer! Challenge one’s skills by having the same level of proficiency in web developing and designing.

Secure Your Future

Like what Mr. Bains said, “Digital technologies underpin every sector.” An individual with a web developing or design skill is set for success! The advent of COVID19 has highlighted the importance of digitization of services and online transactions. 

Canadians have embraced online delivery services noticeable since March 2020 when the demand for online delivery services rose to 45.4%. Learning to create websites or apps that facilitate online services will be an invaluable skill to have with the rise of digitalization. 

Having an online means to serve clients and customers has helped businesses to continue despite physical distancing restrictions. 

Have More Work Opportunities

The pandemic highlighted the importance of building digital infrastructure such as apps and websites for businesses, not just for the sake of business continuity but to make services accessible to clients and customers. 

The Canadian government recognizes the rise of the digital economy and the projected workforce needs by creating programs to make sure citizens can upskill and be relevant in current industry needs through the B.C. Employer Training Grant.

The average of job openings for all occupations in Canada is at 27% while the job opening projection for web developers in Canada is at 54%. Having a degree in web development or even upskilling with a web development bootcamp or certificate/ diploma program is a sound investment. One can pair web development/ design with digital marketing and other specializations to maximize potential work opportunities. 

Be Your Own Boss

One of the perks of having a skill compatible with jobs in the digital industry is that you can provide services “digitally” or remotely. One can start a small web development and/or a design consultancy business. You can have a small team or just be a one-person team! 

One can become a “digital nomad” and work anywhere as long as there is a stable supply of power and internet connection. 

Investing in digital literacy is one of the best choices one can make in this day and age. Learning web development, design or even full stack web development is a good move. Education is more accessible with learning options such as bootcamps. 

When you upskill with your digital literacy, you can stay in the same industry that you have grown to love or you can try to engage in a different one.


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