9 Benefits of Coding That You Might Not Be Aware of

Key Takeaways

  • Coding skills are now becoming a norm and are considered an important part of computer literacy. 
  • Coding not only teaches you how to write programs but it also enhances creativity and logical thinking.
  • Coding teaches the value of perseverance. Coders or programmers learn from mistakes and keep on trying until they get the code right.

Perhaps, you, like a lot of people, think that the benefits that come from learning to code are limited to just improving one’s technological skills and ability to use a computer. You’d be surprised to know that its advantages go beyond that.

Let’s look at 9 unexpected ways how learning to code can positively impact your life in general.  

Improves Creativity

Coding makes you a creator. It allows you to create your own app, animation movies, video games, or interactive digital artwork. With coding, you get to build your own imaginary worlds and characters.

Apart from maximizing your creativity, coding develops your ability to come up with ideas to solve problems – a skill you’ll need in every area of your life.

Develops Logical Thinking

Coding teaches you how to tackle complex problems by breaking them down into single steps, and using language computers can use to logically create a working program. You get to develop a certain mindset of looking at problems from a bigger picture and processing large amounts of information to conquer various issues.

Learning to code is not just learning computer languages – it’s about developing a productive mindset towards solving problems that will positively affect any task you take on.   

Enhances Social Life

Learning to code impacts your social life positively as it opens opportunities for you to interact with the rest of the world, and those close to you. Having the ability to create applications and websites, you can develop a platform wherein people who share your interests and beliefs can get together. Your platform can be about brands, films, music, or a particular belief system. With coding skills, you can even travel the world without the need to leave your desk.   

Promotes Perseverance and Resilience

Perseverance is one of those traits that are not easy to learn, but it’s an important skill to have in life in general. Coding teaches you the value of not giving up when trials and obstacles get in your way. It shows you that to solve a problem, you need to keep going, to come up with various solutions until you get the right one.

Coding teaches resilience through troubleshooting. When you hit a wall, you need to find a way to get around it. If your first solution doesn’t work, try another one. If that still doesn’t work, try something else again until the problem is solved. The greater the problem, the greater opportunity for you to learn.

Improves Communication Skills

When you learn to code, you use some of the same skills you develop when you learn a new language. In coding, you also need to break things down to speak simply, because computers only understand instructions that are written in an easy-to-follow language. This helps you become a better communicator.  

Boosts Self-confidence

You gain a lot of satisfaction and a feeling of empowerment when you know how to code because you can solve a lot of problems without relying on others. You no longer have to rely on someone else when you want to put up a website to sell a service or product. Or you no longer have to wait for a colleague to develop a program that would improve your workflow.    

You develop greater confidence in using your computer and interacting with the internet as you understand how they function and come together behind the scenes.  

Improves Math Skills

Although math skills are necessary in coding, that doesn’t mean you have to be a genius on the subject to learn computer programming. However, as you learn to code, you will pick up the skills needed to solve math problems. By presenting practical problems, coding helps you gain real experiences that will sharpen your math skills.   

Brings Ideas to Life

Everyone has a list of ideas on how to make life improvements, whether they’re within our personal lives, careers, or from a global perspective. Not everyone, however, possesses technological skills to bring those ideas to life.

Learning to code will give you the ability to develop and execute projects that will fulfill your vision. By knowing how to build a website or develop a program, you can act upon your wildest ideas and bring the change that you desire.

Positively Impacts Your Career

Learning to code helps you attain a successful career through many opportunities and avenues. One of which is to go through one-on-one programs that can equip you with the skills to pursue a full-time web developer career. With virtually every business in the world going digital, the demand for experts in front-end languages like CSS3, HTML5, and PHP, and back-end languages like Ruby on Rails continues to grow. You never have to worry about job growth prospects.

Many developers apply their abilities to start their own business, creating and maintaining websites for other people. If you prefer to take the freelance route, that’s fine too, because plenty of companies and individuals hire developers on a single-project basis. You can actually apply your coding skills to your current career even if it has nothing to do with tech. You can create simple programs to boost productivity or solve a recurring issue in your company. 

Whether you’re new to web development or someone looking for skill enhancement, Q College’s Coding-related courses are for you. It offers customized training on Drupal and WordPress, as well as on CSS3, HTML5, and PHP.

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