What Are Micro-Credentials? Here Are 3 Reasons to Take One This 2022

Key Takeaways

  • Micro-credentials will allow you to pursue further studies in a specialized field. 
  • A micro-credential can help you brush up your knowledge on a certain field.
  • It offers a liberating mode of education. You can take it at any point of your life.
  • A micro-credential is a direct path for learning a specific skill or trade.
  • It can help you discover what you excel in.

The pandemic was a “pause button” on certain aspects of our lives. Some were laid-off from work while others thrived in a work-from home setup. Some were able to continue their education online while others did not. Slowly, the world is opening up again and we need to start to push “play” and take part in the period of post-pandemic recovery. A “micro” nudge can help you move forward to better days!

Get Back on Your Feet with a Micro-Credential

Are you a starting employee? Fresh graduate or in-between jobs? You may find micro-credentials as a stepping stone to employment!. Micro-credentials will equip you with in-demand career skills that can help you get employment. What have you been up to during the pandemic? If you feel that you may have been rusty in your Accounting skills, you may want to enrol in an accounting microcredential. Likewise, if you have started a small business during the pandemic, you can scale it through a digital marketing micro-credential.

Why Take a Micro-Credential Instead of a Diploma or Degree?

Micro-credentials can help you increase your competitiveness in the job market. If you are a seasoned graphic designer who graduated with a diploma five years ago, a micro-credential in Adobe Creative Cloud will help you know of the latest trends and program updates.  Micro-credentials may not be as thorough and well-rounded as a diploma or degree but it is targeted and can be personalized. If you earn a degree, there are minor subjects that will not directly impact your degree or career but still you still have to take. If you are a Creative Writing major, you still need to take certain units of Mathematics to receive your diploma. A micro-credential can help you have a direct path towards a specific area of study or career goal.

Discover Opportunities

The concept of education has been revisited especially during the pandemic. Should a decentralized form of education be the norm? Technology has a large role in education delivery. Before, if you want to learn how to play a piano, you must look for a piano teacher. Now, you can check YouTube for free tutorials!

Learning through an academic institution or being taught is different, learning by one’s self too has pros and cons. Yes, learning by oneself can be more empowering but learning through an academic institution has more gravitas. Employers look for certifications aside from years of experience in a certain field. A fresh graduate with a certification can be an advantage.  

If you are “afraid” that you may not excel in graphic design, you can take a micro-credential to “feel” if you can excel. If not, you can still finish the course and get a certificate of completion. A micro-credential can help you build a skill set based on your interest.

Learning does not stop. Browse YouTube for tutorials, visit Facebook interest pages, and avail of a  micro-credential today. 2022 is a year of rebuilding. Feed your interest and be more free and fulfilled. Checkout Q College’s micro-credentials today!


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