Why You Should Hire a Full Stack Developer


Key Takeaways

  • Full-Stack Web Developers know websites from front-end to back-end . They can code programs and create graphic design.
  • They can work alone and also do well in teams and can serve as supervisors to ensure that the front-end  compliments the back-end and vice versa.
  • They know HTML, CSS, other programming  languages as well as Adobe Creative Suite apps such as InDesign.

A full-stack  developer understands the front-end and back-end of web development. Tech teams usually need them for the minimum viable product (MVP) stage while building a site or an app. The MVP stage is important before the launch because it is when client feedback is sought and analyzed, and the product is developed accordingly. Many startups begin at the MVP stage before moving on to launching a web or app.

Including a full stack developer in a team can make all the difference in product development and performance. However, in case you’re unsure of when to bring in a full-stack  developer in your team, consider these three scenarios: 1) When you need someone to develop an MVP for a project; 2) When you need a project manager who understands what your customers want and can deliver it; 3) When you’re low on budget but still want to have an exceptional site or app. 


If one, or all, of those scenarios apply to you, then it’s time for you to check out the major advantages of hiring a full-stack  developer to oversee your projects, from conception to launch and beyond. 

Versatile and Cost-Efficient

Skilled in both front-end and back-end  development, full-stack developers can easily switch between the client and server and vice versa . Front-end developers build codes (using HTML, CSS and JavaScript) that control the website’s appearance and interactivity in a browser, while back-end developers develop prototype codes that connect websites to other content management systems. 

Hiring a full-stack  developer comes in handy in many ways. With a full-stack  developer, you don’t need to hire multiple experts and developers, leading you to hefty savings. You also get to save extra on communication overheads, because you no longer need to coordinate with several specialists just to produce a single layer of the project. Getting a full-stack  developer can single-handedly bring everything together in a faster and easier way. To develop an exceptional site or app, you need a jack of all domains rather than a master of one.

Extensive Experience

Many full-stack  developers have been involved in various types of web projects, which have equipped them with the knowledge to be highly efficient in the field of web and app development. They have the qualification and experience of adding  innovative features to your product to excite the market and can handle the project from zero to launch.

Handing over the ownership of a project to a full-stack  developer is easy because he or she can take complete accountability of the work. You will find it convenient to rely on full-stack  developers for all your project needs. Because apart from developing and maintaining web/app projects, full-stack  developers can give these projects an edge to attain market dominance. 

Full-stack  developers can be an excellent choice for technical head roles. With their complete knowledge of the web development cycle and vast engineering capabilities, they can better understand your business requirements and help other developers put all the elements of your project together. They can call the shots whenever needed to bring your site or app to greater heights.

If you’re just starting a business, it’s really a good idea to hire a full-stack  developer. You most likely have projects in mind that will get the word out there about your product or service. For those projects to get off the ground, you can tap a full-stack  developer to create the basic software structure and to put all the application’s components where they need to be.

Excellent Troubleshooting and Upgrading Ability

Being well versed in every stage and aspect of a web/app development, and thoroughly knowledgeable on technology, full-stack  developers can identify issues that may arise during the project and implement solutions for the project’s optimal functioning in the long term.

Design and interface play a big part in making a customer stay or leave a site. This gives you another good reason to hire a full-stack  developer. Apart from having a knack for staying up-to-date with technological advancements, full-stack  developers are more adaptive to these advancements compared to traditional developers. They can rapidly adapt to new demands and trends.

Timely Delivery

When heading a technical team, a full-stack  developer can distribute work responsibilities to other team members, and coordinate efforts to ensure that projects get done on or before its launch. Full-stack  developers offer huge benefits to organizations and small businesses as they are knowledgeable in various technologies and capable of handling challenges across various areas of web and app development.

When a full-stack  developer joins your team, sharing responsibilities among its members to get the best results becomes easy. That also helps deliver the final product faster.

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